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Balfolk Toronto AGM January 30, 2023

Hello Friends of Balfolk Toronto!

We’re excited to say that we are doing tons of planning for 2023 and it’s going to be an awesome year for dancing!

We promise we have some exciting stuff up our sleeves! And we want you to be involved!!


Also as you may know, we are a registered not-for-profit organization.

This means we can apply for grants to help us plan and fund events in future, such as the big branch festival.

To keep our non-profit status, we need to have an AGM with all our members.

So we need YOUR HELP!

Join us at our Annual General Meeting to find out about what we’ve been up

to this past year and learn how you can be part of Balfolk Toronto.

Our AGM is coming up on Monday, January 30th 2023

Location: The Wicket

Time: 6:00 (just before Balfolk Toronto’s regular dancing time!)

Consider becoming a member (for free!) in time to participate in the AGM.

There will be snacks served!

All members are welcome to attend! Not a member? Sign up today!! (see below)

This will be a hybrid event, so if you cannot attend in person let us know and we’ll send you the zoom link!! We’ll post it here before the eveng


Balfolk dancing is popular social dancing from Western Europe, a recent revival of traditional, mostly French, folk dances.

Bourrées, jigues, gavotte, mazurkas, waltzes, scottishes: some partner dances, some group dances, some snakey chain dances.They are all fun and easy to learn, you don’t need any partners or prior experience. We’ll show you how!

We always dance to live music: fiddles, accordions, clarinets, guitars and more…