The Big Branch Festival


What is The Big Branch?

Check out for more details and registration! Early bird registration deadline: May 15. Save money and buy early 🙂


The Big Branch is a music and dance festival hosted by Balfolk Torontohappening September 11-13, 2020. Modelled after European Balfolk Festivals, The Big Branch fosters folks’ connection to music through participating with dancing and jamming.

Over the course of 3 days, participants will have the chance to dance to bands from Europe and North America, attend music and dance workshops, eat delicious food, jam, jam, and jam, swim in the pond and walk in the forest!

Balfolk Toronto has been organizing events in Toronto for 7 years, and has encouraged other Balfolk Communities to develop: Balfolk Montreal, Port Hope Balfolk, Balfolk Sherbrooke, Balfolk Quebec, and Balfolk Killaloe! With this festival we hope to bring together all of these communities and keep on spreading the Balfolk love!